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    Shaun McNamara

    Guitar, vocals, keys

  • Brian thumbnail image
    Brian Phillips

    Drums, percussion, vocals

  • Michael thumbnail image
    Michael Belanger

    Bass, vocals, keys


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We play Rock & Roll with thought-provoking lyrics and dark musical nuances. Sometimes it's heavy, doom, and dirge. Sometimes it's melodic and wistful. Sometimes it's uplifting and joyous. Our focus when creating a song lies in the idea, feeling, and flow of the concept, not adhering to some musical genre.

Melancholy Circus takes the boiled-down essence of influences from a life lived and examined, from music, literature, history, and cinema and creates plains of dissimilar existence and deep caves of thought that touch upon the dark irony of life.

Unafraid to reveal, view, and display the beauty in all things, Melancholy Circus creates visuals and soundscapes of desire, love, life, hope, and lament. Every song is different and every song is tied together. The name Melancholy Circus is the juxtaposition of dissimilarities, and isn't that what life truly is when you stop looking on the bright side and start looking at all sides.


The Jungle

The Melancholy Circus May 7 2023 show at the Jungle in Somerville, MA with Dust Prophet and The Under is 5 days away! Doors open to the public at 4:30 PM. Melancholy Circus goes on first as we are backlining equipment for the entire show, so don't miss our start at 5PM. Get there early and don't miss one heavy note of this showcase. In celebration of this FREE show we will have t- shirts and both of our albums available for FREE at the show. Donations in any amount are welcome.
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Management & Booking

P: (978) 609-3852